Azivia is a fully customizable, high end browser based virtual world

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Fully interactive whiteboard with a web-based slide show and video streaming, including full social interaction with voice and text chat.


Compatible with all major web browsers. Never leave your web browser to experience a high end 3D virtual world!


Unique virtual spaces created and developed by Azivia team to meet your organization's needs. Azivia's individualized interfaces and environments create a user friendly experience in a high quality virtual world.

Ease of Use

Simple and understandable user interface that allows for more intuitive interactions by your audience within the virtual world.


Collaborate when you want with who you want in a secure web based virtual environment.

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What is Azivia?

The Possibilities are Endless

Azivia is a cutting edge 3D web based Virtual World Platform that runs on your browser. It is fully customized with a huge range of high quality avatars, environments and simulations to meet your specific meeting, training and educational needs. Each program is completely unique and designed with your specifications and input to allow realistic, incredibly lifelike simulations, virtual meeting capabilities, and educational material delivery.

Azivia, as a virtual world platform, can be used for:

  • Enhancing corporate meetings in a 3D virtual world
  • Developing walk-through tours of a facility online
  • Distance education training and development
  • Displays, galleries and online exhibits
  • Language learning
  • Mentoring and one on one learning programs
  • Trade shows, fairs and expositions
  • Product and service training in any industry or retail sector
  • Recruiting
  • Produce Awareness and sales training
  • Scientific simulations and visualizations

Professionally Developed

Unlike other virtual worlds where you are left struggling to create your own 3D environment, Azivia is designed by the professionals at Designing Digitally, Inc. As leaders in the field of online training, virtual world development, serious games and scenario development Designing Digitally, Inc. is able to provide all the support and services to design your 3D environment from the ground up. This includes both the virtual world as well as the avatars.

Azivia provides literally thousands of avatars to choose from with diverse ethnic groups, professions, age groups and occupations represented in male and female avatars. This type of selection and customization means that the virtual world is designed specifically for your needs. Within the professionally developed training simulations and meeting spaces you can focus in on your business without having to struggle with developing a virtual world environment on top of your other responsibilities.

Fully Customized

Azivia is different than other virtual worlds on the market today. Besides being professionally designed and fully customized, it also features the best graphics available anywhere. The system has been tested at Air Force Bases for security and compatibility with real world computer systems. It uses a simple 2MB plugin that is added to your browser. This means it can be deployed on your web site and behind your firewall for optimum security and management. However, Azivia is also fully compatible with social networking sites such as Facebook or other API or learning management systems to post scores of simulations or serious games.

Azivia Highlights

With capabilities of tapping into your existing database for authentication, Azivia offers it all in online virtual worlds. Fully immersive 3D environments can provide training experiences for 500 concurrent users or more. In addition to 3D simulations Azivia takes full advantage of all types of learning options including presentations of pictures, streaming videos and whiteboards within the virtual environment. Flash VoIP allows users in the 3D environment to chat with each other in voice or video formats. The system works with all major browsers and will be available with iPhones and Androids, allowing much greater mobile access.

Since Azivia is not branded it is possible to include your logo as well as any custom designed interface required. This full customization makes your 3D virtual training or meeting world completely your own, not a copy of any other 3D environment. For more information on all that Azivia can offer see the features and demo pages for a sample of what can be developed.

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